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What is One Coin – Newscaster female on Tv: On thoughts like digital black markets and non-national currencies may have experienced futuristic simply a few years ago. Today peer-to-peer anonymous exchanges pioneer a totally new style for the world community to be considered financial systems. Male narrator: Imagine having the possibilities of of being in the forefront of something new, something rising. and something future historians would refer to as revolutionary. Imagine being one of the first people that trade and mine a digital money without having to use complex paraphernalium and knowledge. Imagine being part of a theory that exhales by the people..for the people.

What is One CoinWhat is One Coin

With a real aspiration of one world…one coin. Well now this opportunity is spreading across “the worlds”. OneCoin is a new digital created cryptocurrency that is now gaining soil. Constructing an exclusive community of world wide miners, merchants, and users across a world that is adapting itself to the digital monies that are emerging on our planet. Male Orator: The mind behind Bitcoins was to digitally replicate gold. Kind of a gold criterion for the internet. The mind of a decentralized money is important because it removes those levers of power that people could manipulate to corrupt…” Male Narrator: A few years ago a first pioneering cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was sold for less than ten cents in the dollar. And a couple of years later the best interests of the Bitcoin was over $1100. OneCoin has been born out of Bitcoin’s success but with an innovative and polished theory aiming to reach the masses and to supply them access to the arousing and profitable world of cryptocurrency. We are looking the miners and users of OneCoin developing. A brand-new cryptocurrency has been born and is climbing it’s style to the pinnacle. The OneCoin currency is one of the biggest musicians with massive growing potential in the market.

By to intervene in the OneCoin concept we will not simply teach you how to profit from the cryptocurrency but likewise how to post yourself in an limitless receipt making planned where we are committed to making it successful by providing you with all the tools and inspiration you need to succeed. Our training and commerce tools mixed with a solid and strong educational make enhanced by an outstanding and simple-minded payment program is why today’s entrepreneurs are connecting the One Concepts.

We are committed to shape you successful and offer all supporting you need to grow your squad and business. The world is yours- OneLife / OneCoin.


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