OneCoin Launch New Block Chain

Onecoin Launch New Block Chain

On 1st October 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, Dr. Ruja, the founder of OneCoin announced the launched its band new Block-chain and all existing accounts will have their OneCoins DOUBLED!

Onecoin Launch New Block Chain

This event featured all the latest company updates and training that was performed by some of the top network leadersIn case you never got the opportunity to witness the amazing LIVE launch, here are some of the key points you may be interested in 🔑



💥💥=====DR Ruja’s key points=====💥💥


🔥 # OneCoin is now officially *No 1* Cryptocurrency Company in the World – more coins, more members and higher market cap🔥

🔥 # Mr Pablo Munoz (Senior Vice President and President at Avon) has been appointed as the new company CEO of networking

🔥 # Over 14 MILLION Signups! (including rookie accounts) with
2.5 million current Educated Miners with active packs

🔥 # New Block Chain of 120Billion Coin was Successfully launched🚀🚀🚀

🔥 # New Block Chain is mining 50,000 coins EVERY 1 minute (72 MILLION A DAY!!!) this is THREE times more than Bitcoin 💣💣💣

🔥 # OneCoin is now operating in 194 Countries world wide

🔥 # 350 Millionaires to date

🔥 # Merchants active from 3rd October 2016

🔥 # Merchants application will have 2 packages options

🔥 # OneCoin will be the 1st cryptocurrency to have its very own Social Media site (further details to be announced SOON)

🔥 # A super split will happen on next split

🎈————————————————————————— 🎈


💥=====Dr Ruja’s Goals for next 12 months=====💥

🚀 # 10 Million Users

🚀 #1 Million Merchants

🚀 # €25 Predicted Value of Coin

🚀 # OneCoin will go public in mid 2018

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